Screen Rooms

Enjoy The Comforts of Outside...rain or shine.

Want to keep the bugs out without the glass? Our screen rooms will do just that. You can enjoy the summer breeze without the insects at a price you can afford. We’ll provide you with the feeling of the outdoors without you ever leaving the house. With a well built screen room, you won’t lose heat and experience the high costs of 3 season rooms and open roofs, nor will you feel the high temperature these rooms produce. You don’t have to clean glass, it doesn’t break, there are no plastic surfaces or color fading too. And best of all, your property taxes won’t increase with a screen room.



Screen Rooms Features and Benefits - Built by American Patio Rooms

What makes us so different? Our lightweight screens provide maximum visibility, while our frames are strong enough to endure even the harshest of weather all year round. Our maintenance-free, aluminum-frame screens are weatherproof and have just the right strength to resist sagging and avoid rust. See, we don’t just build things, we build them to last. So whether you already have a patio or this is a new build for you, we’ve got you covered.

Here are just some of the many screens we offer:

Are you looking to get a screen room?

Full access outdoors with protection from elements

If you feel that a screen room is right for you, then we want to help turn your patio into a beautiful, outdoor living space that will open up your house and maximize your lifestyle.

The first thing we do is offer you a free estimate. We’ll stop by your house and hear your ideas, questions, and any other concerns related to your screen room project. Then, we’ll advise you on what we can and can’t do. That’s because every job is tailored to your specifications, so your dialogue and feedback are essential to the success of your project.

There are so many ways we can build, so the options vary to suit your own individual needs. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we will give you an accurate price quote and guide you through the next steps.

Our Featured Screen Room Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

At American Patio, we want to help you achieve your home improvement goals. We understand that adding a screen room to your home can be expensive. That’s why we work with you to create a project that fits your needs and your budget. Each screen room is tailored to your specifications. This makes the price of each project vary.

As for installation, it depends on a variety of factors too. We can take anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks and usually start a project within a week of receiving your permit.

A screen room will typically have a mesh screen to cover and protect your patio from outdoor elements. It’s the simplest and least expensive way of protecting your living space. The only downside is that they are exposed to the outdoors and can’t be heated or cooled.

A 3 season room or hybrid is completely enclosed and can be used throughout all four seasons. On the other hand, a screened room may only be used comfortably when the weather is nice.

In order to see what’s best for you, check your goals, budget and how you plan to use your living space.

The most obvious benefit is to be protected from bugs, insects, and other outdoor elements.

However, a screen room has many functions. For instance, it can serve as a safety barrier for children and pets.

Not only does it keep out insects, but it can keep out leaves, grass, and other yard debris. Your porch will stay cleaner with a well-built screen room.

Although your screen room is built to last a very long time, some basic maintenance every now and then is required. Have a question or concern? Give us a call and our team will assist you.  Here are simple guidelines we recommend you follow:

  • Keep your screen enclosures clean by pressure washing the aluminum.
  • Replace any rusty screens that are holding your enclosure together.
  • Make sure that all cables are tight and working.
  • Make sure the bracing is in good shape.
  • Regularly check on door closers and latches to make sure they are working in order.