It all started when Bob Round Sr. was a young man working for a local home-improvement company in Akron. At that time, he realized what others in the industry didn’t:

People were being mistreated and underserved.

You see, most people have horror stories when it comes to home renovation services. As a matter of fact, today it seems like this sort of experience is the norm. People actually expect this.

Because of these industry problems a commitment to provide top-class customer service was made.

Soon enough, Bob and a colleague joined forces and launched Akron Weather Products, which later became American Patio Rooms.

As a company, we have made it our mission to offer extra value to homeowners since 1959.

Today, our family-owned and operated company has over 20 employees, including some of Bob Sr.’s own family, who have lived in the Springfield Township area for years and are members of the Lakemore United Methodist Church.


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High quality products and affordable prices

Whether your goal is a lower-cost addition or a full-fledged project built to your specifications to extend your living space, we’ve got you covered.

All work is done in-house

Our customers feel safe knowing that we don’t sub out any of our work (except for electrical and concrete). All work is done by our trained staff.

Quality workmanship and dedicated service

We make sure that our customers always get exactly what they want, thanks to our dedicated service and quality workmanship.

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Our Process

Working with us is simple. First, we’ll come to you for a free-estimate and design. Then, we’ll work with your schedule and timeline in order to complete your projects in a quick and professional manner. In the meantime, our team will work hard to provide you with exactly what you want and need for your outdoor space. Once that’s all said and done, you and your family can enjoy your new living area and create unforgettable memories for years to come!

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