Replacement Door and Windows for your patio room

Improve the view and access out of your home

Are your windows not opening or closing properly? Have your doors started to wear away?

American Patio Rooms has the windows and doors that will best suit your individual patio’s needs. With our new products, you can choose quality, versatility, and accessibility for your patio room.

Replace the old with the new:

If your patio has older windows and doors that just don’t work for you anymore, we fit to size for each opening to give you a snug fit and tight seal for the best constructed structure.

All windows and doors are prime products, which means that they are used in new construction, both residential and commercial, In addition, our products meet or exceed all federal specifications for strength and wind load, as well as air and water infiltration.

*We can provide all types of foundation for your new patio room! Block & brick foundation, with concrete slab, or wood flooring. We also build wood decks for your patio room & floor insulated deck for the Ameritherm rooms.



What Our Customers Are Saying

Add value and efficiency to your patio room with replacement windows and doors. Call American Patio Rooms to talk to our window and door experts.