Four-Season Rooms



American Patio Rooms offers the Ameritherm Patio Room

Tough and sturdy structural components are used to build Ameritherm 4-season rooms.

Enjoy your patio year-round with an air-conditioned and heated sunroom. By adding this type of sunroom, you can enjoy your room all year without the huge cost of adding a conventional addition.

Ameritherm Patio Room Features and Options

We can now offer you our thermally-broken aluminum extrusions for roof and wall panels, plus windows and sliding doors to add a new dimension to patio usage. In some climates, you will be able to heat or air condition your Ameritherm Patio Room for total, year-round enjoyment and comfort.

Build a beautiful Ameritherms four-season room for:

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Four Season Room Features

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Build a patio room onto your home for your enjoyment, and for the comfort of the entire family. Call American Patio Rooms for more information and for designs ideas.

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